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How to eat caviar?

The most common way for caviar consumption is by applying Fresh American Caviar of Salmon Caviar (Red Caviar) and Classic Osetra Caviar
(Black Caviar) on top of crackers with cream cheese or butter.  Also a sliced tomato and diced sweet onion make a tasty addition to this gourmet appetizer.

This gourmet caviar recipe includes:
1. 1/2 sweet onion (diced into small pieces)
2. 1/2 tomato (diced into small pieces)
3.  6oz of Fresh Salmon Caviar
4.  100grams of Fresh Sevruga Caviar
American Caviar Red Caviar Salmon Caviar Black Caviar Sturgeon Caviar

Sturgeon Caviar on bagel with cream cheese The Caviar Sandwich
Create caviar and smoked salmon sandwiches on top of toast, bagels or English muffins; add cream cheese if you like. Slice a sweet onion and place on top. Also you may add a thin slice of tomato to top of the sandwich.

Sandwich ingredients and instructions:
1. 1 slice of bagel (toasted)
2. Cream cheese spread out on top of bagel.
3. Place some fresh Sevruga Caviar and spread it out evenly topping the cream cheese and bagel).
4. 1 slice of sweet onion placed on top of the caviar.

Veggie Caviar Treats

Carve out tomatoes and fill them with caviar. Also red, orange and yellow peppers may be stuffed with red salmon caviar. Black Caviar may be spread out on top of a thin slice of Mozzarella Cheese.

This gourmet arrangement ingredients:
1. 1 slice of orange bell pepper filled with red caviar.
2. 3 slices of 1 tomato filled with salmon caviar.
3. 16oz of Fresh Salmon Caviar
4.  8oz of Fresh Osetra Caviar

Veggy Caviar Combination


Ikura Sushi Style Red Caviar

Sushi Recipe Suggestions:

Sushi lovers spread black or red caviar on top of rice inside seaweed rolls, or on top of Salmon Sashimi, or Sashimi of your preference. Also Ikura (meaning salmon caviar in the Japanese language) may be placed alone near sashimi and the customer decides on how much to apply in their preferred personalized arrangement. Buy some fresh #1 graded sushi style ikura online by clicking here.


5) Serve caviar traditionally on toast accompanied with iced vodka or chilled dry champagne.

6) Decorate the top of deviled eggs with caviar.

7) Top fresh shucked oysters with caviar.

8) Garnish cold soups, such as borscht, with caviar.

9) Top potato pancakes or blinis with sour cream or creme fraiche and caviar.

10) Slice boiled red potatoes and top with sour cream or creme fraiche and caviar.


Caviar Storage and Handling Information:

1) Keep Caviar Frozen in your freezer. Make sure packaging is air tight or sealed.
2) To serve fresh store at 30 - 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or in the coldest part of your refrigerator for about a day in advance after taking caviar out of your freezer.
3) High quality caviar may be frozen and defrosted. Please be aware if you freeze and defrost too frequently (more than 3 times or so), your caviar will become lubricated.

After opening consume as soon as possible.


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